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of the consumers who read business reviews also read the business responses to those reviews.

Review Reply Template

Top 3 Benefits of Responding to Comments Correctly

  • Responding to Malicious Comments: Respond Quickly to Positive Views and Reduce Negative Impacts

  • Coping with General Bad Reviews: Solving Problems, Repairing Relationships, Gaining Understanding

  • Reply to Good Comments: Use keywords to improve company Google rankings and increase customer loyalty

A$15.00 (¥70.00)


The  template has 20 pages in English and Chinese, and responds to malicious comments, general negative comments, mixed comments, and positive comments.

If the malicious negative comments on Google or other platforms cannot be appealed for deletion, you should reply quickly to face it, because the most important thing is to let potential customers quickly read your reply, so that readers can not only see one side of the word, but also timely balance The harm of malicious comments to the company.

Reply with a helpful and sincere way to deal with a generally negative review. This type of review can go in the right direction, taking the next step towards fixing problems and improving customer relationships, while also gaining understanding and sympathy from potential customers and readers.

Some people may think that there is no need to reply to the praise, but replying to the praise can still strengthen the customer's loyalty to the company's products and services, and properly adding keywords to the reviews can improve the ranking of the company's products and services on Google's website and increase the click rate. As for Where to put these keywords, we suggest to place them in parentheses in the comment reply example.