Online Store Design

We believe that by working together we can create a professional, easy to navigate online shopping website that is suitable for Google indexing, ranking and promotion (a promising online shop).


Based on our initial discussions with your company, we have outlined below the requirements and solutions for the project.


The company needed a fully functional online shop to develop its market and to serve and support its existing customers.

The Solution

GC Digital Solutions will design a professional online shop for your company with a high conversion rate (from website visitors to shoppers) that is appropriate for your industry, providing buyers with information about your company's products and implementing the buying process.


At the same time, the design of the online shop will establish and communicate to potential customers that your company is a professional and reliable company, adding to your company's credibility.

Shop structure


About us

Contact us

Product pages

Categorised product pages

Shopping cart, including payment page

Delivery information

Shop policy: returns, exchanges and privacy policy


Design process

Submit your company for confirmation after designing the home page and 1 or 2 main pages for further modifications. The front page of the website has a temporary domain name so that your can see its effect on your computer or mobile phone.


After confirmation, our company starts the design of the rest of the pages and submits them to the client for reconfirmation after completion and further modification if required.


Once the website design is all completed and confirmed, we assist in the purchase of the website domain name and host.

If your company already has a domain name, we can do the work of linking to the existing domain name, after the completion of the website officially online.

Store host and email account

We will assist you in purchasing a store host from a third party and completing the setup process.


If you need a company email address (optional)

We assist your company in purchasing and setting up from a third party.

Host cost: USD 29.00/month

Prices are subject to change due to purchase from a third party company.


Company mailbox fee (optional): A$120/year

Prices are subject to change as they are purchased from a third party company and may be reduced at the time of purchase.

Store design and setup fee (AUD)  includes

  • Creation of custom website interface - layout, colours, images and font settings, site architecture and navigation system

  • Assistance with customer application credit card processing

  • Integration of content management system in Shopify system, e.g. customer orders/data storage

Website maintenance

  • If the company maintains its own website, we will conduct a half-hour training session once the website is live.

  • If your company entrusts us with day-to-day maintenance, we will introduce reasonable related fees and services.

Payment steps

Design deposit is payable before the website design begins. The balance of the design will be paid after the website goes live. Third-party fees are payable before the website goes live.

Other terms

GC Digital Solutions assumes that any image or textual content provided by your company for use on the website is legally licensed and GC Digital Solutions is indemnified from any claims and lawsuits arising from the illegality of these elements.

Next step

Accept our design proposal or suggest changes. After accepting the payment of the deposit, we will start work immediately.

We wish you all a happy collaboration, thank you!

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