Above Burwood

Burwood is eclipsed by Middleborough Road towards the east, Warrigal Road by the west, and Riversdale Road, Gardeners Creek, Eley Road, and parts of Deakin University by the north. The southern boundary is extensive; it is parallel to Carlyle and Zodiac Streets, then runs beside Gardiners Creek, and finally aligns with the entire length of Ashwood Drive, Montpellier Road, Arthur Street, Huntingdale Road, and Highbury Road.

While driving through the city, one be intrigued by the massive buildings constructed along the Burwood Highway at Deakin University. Some of the prominent structures are Building C which is also called The Alfred Deakin Building; another high-rising building recently constructed (building BC) has attractive architectural features and overlooks the Burwood highway. 



The 2016 census reported that 13,019 people are living in Burwood, and 46.9% of these people are born in Australia. The place of birth of other residents’ ranges from China 17.5%, India 4.1%, Malaysia 3.1%, Sri Lanka 2.9% and England 1.9%. While almost half of the people spoke only English at home, the rest speaks other languages. The other languages commonly spoken at home include Mandarin 18.1%, Cantonese 4.5%, Greek 3.3%, Sinhalese 2.2%, and Vietnamese 1.7%. Most of the residents (37.9%) claimed they do not practice any religion while 17.9% said they are Catholics.

Burwood, nearby area VIC 3125

Burwood Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 145.107808

Long: -37.8485313

Living in Burwood

The features below make Burwood is an excellent place for families to live.

  • You can easily do your shopping at any of the many stores located in the suburb such as KFC, Coles, Kmart, Golden Leaf Restaurant, Nandos, Safeway, and many other cafes and local pharmacies.

  • The district is close to other suburbs that has many shopping and recreational centres.

  • You will love the natural green environment. It has a total of nine parks; three big ones and six smaller ones. Many of the streets has big trees that provides shade.

  • The transport service in the area is very good. However, it takes about an hour to get to the CBD. The downside about this place is that going to the city takes approximately one hour. You have a choice of going on a one-hour journey by tram or take an adjoining train at Blackburn/Box hill stations to the city.

Burwood postcode: 

Activities in Burwood

There are many interesting places to visit in Burwood such as:

•    China Bar Signature Asian Buffet, located in Burwood East – Excellent meals for you when you are hungry.

•    Sofia Restaurant located in East Burwood – They serve excellent pastas and pizzas

•    Taste Dumpling Restaurant – It is the right place for tasty meals and excellent Shisha.

•    Adoption Centre located at RSPCA Burwood East.

•    Wilderness Graffiti within the Highbury Park.

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