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Box Hill, a Future Ready City

One of the most extensive commercial business hubs and transport terminals outside the Melbourne CBD is located in Box Hill. The city has the highest potential for growth among other locations in the east Melbourne region.


Box Hill is experiencing a high growth rate in recent times. An increase in private investments and expansions in the commercial and residential real estate sectors are dual factors that are driving growth in this region. There are also significant investments in the health and education sectors which have led to a substantial increase in infrastructural facilities in these subsectors of the local economy.

Vital Stats of Box Hill

  • Data showed that between 2013-2014, 3.254 million passengers commuted  in  Box Hill Train station.

  • The ABS population data in 2016 estimated the population of Box Hill at 12,047 people.

  • The population is expected to increase to 22,850 by 2036.



Physical Plan of Box Hill 

Recent classification by the Victorian Government has now placed Box Hill as a Central Activity District under Melbourne 2030: A Planning Update – Melbourne @ 5 Million. This classification implies that Box City will play a significant role in future employment and shall also be a focal point of public investments. Box Hill and other Central Activity Districts are expected to provide the following:

•    Commercial services and many CBD-related jobs.
•    A diversified and robust retail sector.
•    Various specialised goods and services that serve the different catchment areas.
•    High potentials for viable housing development in and around the district.
•    Various transport infrastructure for walking, cycling, and public transport.
•    Possible establishment of Principal Public Transport Network.
•    Various community activity centres equipped with a wide range of public                   facilities.

box hill nearby suburb, near VIC 3128

Box Hill Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 145.1174221

Long: -37.8215001

Living in Box Hill 

Box Hill and other suburbs of Blackburn, Blackburn North, Blackburn South, Box Hill North, Box Hill South, Burwood (part), Burwood East, Forest Hill, Mitcham, Mont Albert, Mont Albert North, Nunawading, Surrey Hills (part), Vermont and Vermont make up the City of Whitehorse Local Government Area of Victoria. The City of Whitehorse is just about 22 kilometres to the East of the Melbourne CBD and borders Maroondah and Knox in the east, Manningham in the north, Monash in the south and Boroondara in the West.

The primary residents are Mortgage homeowners, investors and tenants who are attracted to the city by the attractive public amenities. The public conveniences include educational facilities, medical centre, and many other shopping and recreational amenities.  

Box Hill postcode: 

Attractions in Box Hill

Aqualink Box Hill

The Aqualink Box Hill is located close to the beautiful Surrey Park, overlooking the Surrey Dive which was initially a deep water hole that eventually became the first Olympic standard pool in Australia at the turn of the last century. The initial Aqualink Box Hill was built in the late 1970 but was redeveloped extensively between 2012 and 2013.


At completion, the new Aqualink Box Hill was commissioned in 2013 and is about twice the size of the initial building.
The Aqualink Box Hill has opened a new frontier in aquatic and leisure facilities in Australia. Features such as innovative, environmental sustainability-enhanced design, and the adaptable aquatic and dry area amenities has earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading-edge, innovating centres created in Australia in the 21st century.

Whitehorse Artspace

Exhibition events are held regularly at the Whitehorse Artspace. Such events display many of the City of Whitehorse Art Collections and many other artworks by local and upcoming artists.

A Day in Box Hill

Broadsheet Melbourne which is a city guide has published a plan for “a day is Box Hill”. The guide covers interesting locations and favourite places to eat.

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