My name is Harry Cheng. Thank you for visiting our website. This section of the site presents details about my humble self and my business. The philosophy of my business anchors on the principles of customer satisfaction, integrity and result-oriented service.

During my career in website design and e-commerce, I learned the importance of customer satisfaction. We all worked to at our designations to achieve different objectives but with a goal of giving the customer a high level of satisfaction from our interaction. I use this same principle in my business. 

Honestly, it is difficult to find businesses that operate with integrity in the world of SEO and Online Marketing.

However, I am transparent with my clients about the strategies I implement on their websites. My method gives you peace of mind that the search engines will not slap your site with a ban due to spammy and unscrupulous SEO strategies. Moreover, I am honest in explaining the results you can expect from my SEO services. When the chances of getting to the top three positions are unrealistic, I will let know upfront. I will also own up If the likelihood of getting a better ranking is slim.

Although customer satisfaction and Integrity is essential in operating an excellent business, the crux lies in the results. I am confident that my team can deliver the results that will make you glad that your investment in SEO with us is worthwhile.

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Our logo and graphic design, website development, Google My Business listing (ranking) and local SEO is a complete solution perfect for small to medium sized businesses. Built for conversion and designed by experienced designers who understand Aussie businesses, web design that looks stunning is now also affordable. 




We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and industries. Our clients range from accountants and craftspeople, to law firms, to small businesses, and everything in between. 


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We don’t have a flashy office or a large number of staff. Instead, we’re a team of designers and developers who work from home. This means you save money and get a fresh website that looks like the work of a big agency. Minus the big agency price tag. 




High average star rating and a large number of reviews are often the best choices for customers. For many people, choosing a business for the first time is often an adventure. A good reputation makes customers feel that the risk is minimized.

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We do not sell, rent, or lease our subscription lists to third parties.




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